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Meet Your Coach


Rachel Carey

Skills Coach & Co-Founder


Growing up in Massachusetts, I was introduced to mountain biking on rough and tumble New England singletrack. Not having a different frame of reference, I thought these trails were ‘normal’ and that mountain biking meant riding on trails devoid of flow. Every ride consisted of seemingly unending rock gardens, stone walls, stream crossings, and roots, roots, roots. I remember the exact ride at 14 years old when I ‘cleaned’ a particular uphill rock garden for the first time. I was officially hooked on mountain biking! That 14-year-old self lives within all of us – seeking out that exhilarating sense of accomplishment found by achieving personal challenges. 

My love for the sport and passion for helping others excel has helped me build a versatile skill set over the last twenty years. Sharing the joy of riding is truly my favorite thing to do. I look forward to getting on my bike every single day. Riding has taken me all over the country, seeking out and exploring great roads and trails. The quality of riding in the High Peaks is a big reason we chose to live here. One of my favorite rides is to jump on the gravel roads of the Whiteface 100 course and ride them over to Wilmington to some of my favorite trails at Hardy Road and The Flume. The ride home on tired legs is always worthwhile.

I'm very fortunate to share my love for the sport with our Speed Science athletes. I focus on our skills coaching. My passion is teaching small groups and clinics, helping people of all experience levels become great riders. We've developed a great ability to break down skills into pieces that our athletes can learn easily and quickly make their own. If you would like 1-on-1 or group-based coaching, we would love to hear from you! If you'd like to bring a skills clinic to your area, reach out, and we'll work together to make it happen.

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