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Bike Fitting

Riding a bike is supposed to feel good. Not just some of the time. ALL of the time.


This comfort should not come at the expense of performance, and vice versa. If you are struggling to find nirvana on your bike, working with a professional fitter is the best money you will ever spend.

Patrick Carey is an SICI-trained fitter with many years of experience working with riders on all types of bikes. He brings a unique background of diverse experience, having also worked in the bike industry in product development and geometry design.

Fits are performed at our studio located just outside of Lake Placid, NY. Our fit equipment is also mobile, so if you would like a fit in the comfort of your own space, we're happy to do that.



A standard, full-service fit costs $300. This includes a full physical assessment, all adjustments to bike and a follow-up appointment within 6 months to make any fine adjustments. 


Additional bike(s) may be added to the same session for $100.

What to Expect:

A fit typically takes 2-3 hours. We'll start with a conversation and physical evaluation.


We'll cover:
- Foot evaluation for shoe sizing and specific support requirements

- Natural ranges of motion for back, hips, legs, shoulders and arms

- Any impingements or concerns related to past injuries

- Cleat and pedal adjustments

- Full adjustment to bike for proper fit

- Video analysis of pedal stroke and position

- After-fit report so position may be referenced for future adjustments or bikes.

- Prescriptive exercises or stretching to allow for even more performance, comfort and injury prevention.


Road, CX, Gravel, and Tri Bike Fits

Every discipline has specific performance needs. None of these should come at the cost of comfort. And none of them should put you in a position that neglects your unique physiology. Each of our fits begins with a functional movement assessment, where we work to understand your body's natural, unrestricted range of motion. Combining this with understanding your lifestyle, past injuries, and unique needs, we'll dial your bike in to fit you, not the other way around.

MTB Fits

If you're a mountain biker, it's extremely important to work with a fitter who understands the unique handling requirements of high-performance off-road riding. Don't let a fitter put you in a modified road bike position, which will be great until you take it onto trails. Patrick can help make sure you're on the right size bike from the start and that it's dialed to shred. This applies whether you're an XC racer or rocking a full-on enduro bike. 

Pre-Purchase Fits

There isn't much worse than buying a bike only to realize it's the wrong size. At best, it's an uncomfortable inconvenience. At worst, it's an expensive and disruptive mistake that can cost thousands of dollars and risk injury. We can help ensure a bike is the right size before you purchase it. In many cases, this can be done remotely. We can also do a full in-person fit on our X-Y size cycle to dial in every detail of a new bike purchase. Remote pre-purchase consultations are available at a reasonable hourly rate. In-person pre-purchase fits add $100 to the cost of a standard fit. This cost is quickly recouped simply by not having to double-purchase components - or, heaven forbid, a frame.

Remote Fits

If you are located outside the area, we offer remote fit services to help athletes dial in their positions. We have a unique skillset in this, having spent years working in bicycle geometry design and performing hundreds of remote fits for satisfied riders. Please contact us at; we'll be happy to help you find comfort and performance. 

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