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What's your why?


What gets you out of bed every day?

It's a simple question we should all ask ourselves. 'Why do I get out of bed every day, and how does that drive what I do?' Our answer to that is simple. 'Every day, we look for ways to help people live happier, healthier, more fulfilled lives.' Our vehicle for that is sports and fitness, primarily endurance sports. 'But wait, can riding my bike or running a race really make me a better person?' YES, it can! It's not usually the act itself - even though we've all felt a sense of satisfaction and happiness after a great workout or a solid race.


This is more about the journey of change we must take to improve as an athlete. Along the way, we grow and learn things about ourselves that we'd never learn if we stayed in our comfort zones. Nobody who stays on the couch, where it's "safe," will ever know how amazingly capable they are.

Our value as coaches comes from our ability to guide each of our athletes on their own personal path of improvement. We don't have cookie-cutter workout plans, and we don't force anyone to fit a specific model of how things should be done. We all have our own unique backgrounds, needs, and communication style. Some folks are data geeks, and some couldn't care less about the numbers. Some are incredibly skilled before we work together, and some are new to their sport.


Our real talent is in figuring out the right balanced approach that allows each client to get the best and most sustainable gains in performance. We do this while maximizing their enjoyment and satisfaction in the sport. 

--Coach Patrick

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