Personalized Coaching

One-on-one, year-round work with our athletes is the heart of our coaching practice. It's the best way to give athletes all the support and guidance they need to reach their goals. Our model can be summed up as all-inclusive coaching.


There are never limits on schedule changes or communication; We feel that would hamper the process of improvement we create with our athletes. Each client is able to get the attention needed to perform at their best. This means everything - goal setting, field testing, data review, video analysis, schedule changes, unlimited communication - is included in the monthly coaching fee. 

You're all in; So are we!


Initial Consultation

Held either in person, or via phone / video chat, this initial meeting allows us to discuss an athlete's goals, lifestyle, challenges, opportunities, what's worked in the past, what hasn't. 

Field Testing / Power Profiling

Key workouts are used to test an athlete's current capacity. We use power, pace, and heart rate to quantify performance. We routinely use additional tests along with data from training and races to measure progress towards goals and fine-tune training.

Custom Training Plan

A detailed training plan is created for the specific goals/needs of each client. This plan is flexible and evolves with the athlete. Workouts are shared through TrainingPeaks online and mobile app.

Feedback / Communication

A consistent, open line of communication is the backbone of a great coach/athlete relationship. Whether it's a "hell yeah" for great workout or race, or it's coaching through a specific challenge, rest assured you have an enthusiastic and engaged professional in your corner.

In-Depth Data Analysis

We use both TrainingPeaks and WKO4 software to measure and understand an athlete's performances - both for individual workouts and as indicators of longer-term trends. If an athlete has historical data, we are generally able to use that to even better target our training.

Video Analysis

This is a very helpful tool, especially when it comes to learning and refining specific techniques. It allows a coach to see exactly what's going on and provide an athlete with visual, illustrative feedback to see exactly what they need to do.

Detailed Pacing/Fueling Plans

On race day, success starts with a well thought-out plan. Whether it's process goals for a training race, or a full HR/power/pace and nutrition plan for a long course race, you'll have the support and guidance you need to make the most of all the hard work done in training.

Pricing & Options


Full-time, no-limits 1:1 coaching.
Includes everything above.


$200 / month


Includes everything from All-In
+ monthly in-person skills / training*. 


$300 / month

*A $100-200 value

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