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Coaching became a natural path for me as I realized all the incredible opportunities and personal growth that endurance sports have created in my own life. I've been fortunate to work with some great coaches as an athlete. Now I get to pay it forward every day by sharing my experience and expertise with our athletes. If we're open to learning and challenging ourselves, there are few better ways to grow as a person than endurance sports. Along the way, we become more self-aware, tougher, more confident - we learn what we're truly capable of. I love sharing this process of self-improvement and growth with my clients; It's a humbling honor to be a part of each and every journey. 

One of my strengths as a coach is the importance I place on creating complete athletes. There's no doubt a major outcome of working with any good coach will be an increase in power and capacity. Beyond that, I strive to improve the skill level and proficiency my athletes bring to their sports. Just as important, we focus on making sure our athletes are having fun and finding fulfillment in their sports. This allows each athlete to perform to their true potential,  and it creates a higher level of enjoyment while reducing stress and anxiety.


We founded Speed Science with maximum priority placed on communication with our athletes. We translate the process of improvement in a way that works for each athlete as an individual. I believe everything is a skill that can be learned if broken down properly, and each of us has our own way we learn and communicate best. Rather than forcing people to fit one mold, we tailor the approach to best suit each person. I firmly believe that helping clients become more competent athletes is the path to creating a well-founded confidence in their own abilities. We work one-on-one to achieve key skill, movement and mindset improvements to expand on the gains made in training.

​As a USA Cycling Elite and IRONMAN-Certified coach, I am always learning and working to improve my practice. I regularly attend conferences and clinics, and continually research better ways to foster the improvements my clients seek. I firmly believe in a quality-over-quantity approach to training and have successfully helped clients return to high levels of performance in the wake of severe over-training caused by other programs or coaching. When you entrust your performance and health to me as your coach, rest assured I take that seriously and will help you get the most improvement and enjoyment from your hard work. 

Coach Patrick Carey

Co-Founder & Head Coach

- USA Cycling Elite Level Coach

- Professional Skills Instructor

- IRONMAN-Certified Triathlon Coach

- 20 Years Racing Experience

- 2017 NY State Elite CX Champion

- Current NY State Cat 1 MTB Champion


Coach Rachel Carey

Growing up in Massachusetts, I was introduced to mountain biking on hard New England singletrack. Not having a different frame of reference, I thought these trails were ‘normal’ and that mountain biking meant riding on trails originally intended for hiking. Every ride consisted of seemingly unending rock gardens, stone walls, stream crossings and roots, roots, roots. I remember fondly the exact ride, at 14 years old, that I ‘cleaned’ a particular up-hill rock garden for the first time. I was officially hooked on mountain biking! That 14-year old self lives within all of us – seeking out that exhilarating sense of accomplishment found by achieving personal challenges. 


My rough and tumble start in the sport helped me build a versatile skill-set on the bike over the last twenty years. It's truly my favorite thing to do, and I look forward to getting on my bike every single day. Riding has taken me all over the country seeking out and exploring great roads and trails. The quality of riding in the High Peaks is a big reason we chose to live here. One of my favorite rides is to jump on the gravel roads of the Whiteface 100 course and ride them over to Wilmington to some of my favorite trails at Hardy Road and The Flume. The ride home on tired legs is always worthwhile.


I'm very fortunate to share my passion for the sport with our Speed Science athletes. I run our skills clinics program, which is growing and traveling to new areas every year. My passion is teaching small groups and clinics to help people of all experience levels become great riders. We've developed a great ability to break down skills into pieces that our athletes can learn easily and quickly make their own. If you would like to bring a skills clinic to your area, we would love to hear from you!


Co-Founder & Professional Skills Coach

- Skills Instructor for MTB, Road & CX

- State-Level Cross-Country Runner

- 20 Years Riding & Racing Experience

Mountain Bike Nationals
Rachel Mountain Bikig

Lake Placid, NY


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