Partners and Support

Here you'll find the partners we're proud to work with. We only represent those we truly believe in. These are great people, organizations and businesses who do good work in our communities. 
The Barkeater Trails Alliance (BETA) is a growing member-driven organization responsible for an ever-increasing network of trails in the High Peaks region of the Adirondack Park. BETA oversees over 100 miles of world class ski and mountain bike trails, 75+ being open to mountain biking. Even better, all of these trails are sustainably-built on public lands and open to the free enjoyment of everyone. Volunteer driven; Member supported; Human powered. Join BETA here.
GU Energy has become our fuel of choice after years and years of experimenting with just about everything else on the market, even making our own. For a light-carb, high-electrolyte drink, there's nothing better than GU Hydration drink mix. When it comes time to chow down during a workout, we always have Stroopwafels and GU Chews handy. Caramel Coffee Wafels and a good cup of joe are a favorite fuel for early morning ski tours. 
Syracuse Bicycle is a strong supporter of local racing in New York. Their race team a great group of athletes and is dedicated to helping athletes learn and grow - just like me. A little known fact is that I used to turn wrenches there way back when I was just a bike racer and college student.
A coach is only as good as their resource network. When I have a client who needs the support of a professional nutritionist, my first recommendation is always Katina Sayers, Ed.D. Her integrated approach allows clients to combine training with weight loss, special dietary needs, or with specific challenges they may have.
TrainingPeaks is our platform of choice for writing, sharing and reviewing workouts. They have the most reliable and best supported system out there. In addition, their mobile app offers extremely good functionality so our athletes are able to see and update their workouts on the go. Watch for my articles to appear on the TP blog.


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