Bike Skills Training

Patrick Carey is a professional bike skills coach with Lee Likes Bikes. He's spent many years understanding and refining how riding mechanics work at a fundamental level. These principles apply to all levels of riding. In fact, the best riders simply execute the fundamentals with more power and speed. Just as important as the skills themselves, Patrick has learned teaching methods that work for all backgrounds, experience levels and learning styles. He travels throughout the Eastern USA, and beyond, teaching world-renowned Lee Likes Bikes clinics. He also works with individuals and private groups. If you want to get better at riding a bike, any kind of bike, Patrick can make that happen. 

Certified as a RideLogic and USA Cycling skills instructor, Patrick has dedicated his career to helping athletes in all areas of their game. He brings 20 years of experience as national-level mountain bike and cyclocross racer and nine years of full-time professional coaching. Whether you are brand new, or you're a professional racer, Patrick can help make quantum leaps forward in your ability to ride better and faster. This doesn't take weeks and months, either. In 2-3 hours, we can make massive improvements. In one day, we can redefine your riding.

Patrick is honored to be a Lee Likes Bikes coach. Lee's small team of Kung Fu masters are the best in the world and  perform to the highest standards following the LLB/RideLogic teaching method. What separates us from the rest is our simple and cohesive building of fundamental movements. If you're riding and constantly in your own head running checklists and wondering which skill applies to which situation, we can fix that. The LLB method allows for a quiet mind with a simple and highly effective style of riding. No setup maneuvers, no plateaus, just limitless progression.

If you're in the Northeast, consider a trip to work with Patrick in Upstate New York, just outside of Lake Placid. The riding is world class, and it's a great place to make a trip for private instruction, not to mention exploring the roads and trails. Many students like to make overnight trips with a mix of instruction and adventure. If you'd like to bring Patrick's professional instruction to your area, we can arrange for a private or small group clinic just about anywhere. Click on the contact link here, or the button below, and we'll make it happen.

When working with Patrick, expect to rock these skills, plus whatever you want to learn (and are ready for):

  • Attack Position

  • Braking

  • Cornering

  • Riding up Steep Things

  • Riding Down Steep Things

  • Pumping Terrain

  • Reading Trail Features

  • Choosing Better Lines

  • Riding Drops

  • Hopping Obstacles

  • Jumping

  • Shredding and having more fun!

Group Clinics:

Full-day group clinics are an incredible way to boost your progress. We spend the morning working on skills and the afternoon on the trails learning to apply them. We keep our groups limited to 6-8 riders. This ensures everyone gets plenty of individual attention and makes the progress they seek.

Full-day group clinics are $300 per person and it's the best money you will ever spend on yourself. 

2021 Dates:


4/21/21 Update: We're just about to announce a bunch of dates for 2021 clinics. We're finalizing locations and dates right now. These will be filling up and selling out quickly. If you're interested in reserving a spot, or you want to have a clinic in your area, please reach out and let us know. 

Private Instruction:

If you would like private training for yourself, or you and a couple friends, we can do that. Individuals and tight groups allow for even more tailored instruction. Pricing for private skills training is listed below. This is based on working in the general vicinity of Lake Placid, Wilmington, Saranac Lake and Elizabethtown, New York. Don't worry if you aren't close by. We are more than happy to travel anywhere in the USA for a reasonable travel rate.


Lake Placid, NY


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