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Bike Skills Training

Riding a bike well doesn't need to be complicated!


It doesn't matter if you're a new rider or a pro racer. You owe it to yourself to maximize your skills. A professional coach can help make your riding smoother, faster, safer, and more fun. No need to choose!

If you're riding and constantly in your own head, running checklists, and wondering which skill applies to which situation, we can fix that. We'll replace the noise and doubt with a quiet mind and effective riding on any terrain. No setup maneuvers, decision trees, or plateaus. Just limitless progression.

Patrick Carey is a true master skills coach. He's spent decades understanding how riding mechanics work. These principles apply to all riders, regardless of experience or discipline. The best riders are better because they have refined their fundamentals.


As important as the skills themselves, Patrick has learned teaching methods that work for all backgrounds, experience levels, and learning styles. He travels throughout the United States, teaching clinics and working with individuals and private groups. If you want to get better at riding a bike, any kind of bike, Patrick can make that happen. 


Certified as a USA Cycling and master skills coach, Patrick has dedicated his career to helping athletes in all areas of their game. He brings over 20 years of experience as a national-level racer and a decade of full-time professional coaching. New rider or pro racer, Patrick has the experience and chops to help you far exceed your goals.

If you'd like to bring Patrick's professional instruction to you, we can arrange for a private or small group clinic just about anywhere. Contact us, and we'll make it happen. If you're in the Northeast, consider a trip to work with Patrick near Lake Placid, New York. The trails are world-class, and there's something to enjoy for everyone. Multi-day trips are perfect for maximizing learning. It's also a great place to bring your family.


In-Person Coaching:

If you would like private training for yourself or a small group, we love to work that way. Individuals and tight groups allow for even more tailored coaching. About 3/4 of our riders choose private coaching from the beginning or to build on what they learned in group clinics. Private coaching is typically done in the Lake Placid, NY area, or in the Northeast US. If you want to bring Patrick's coaching to you, we can make that happen, too.

Remote Coaching:

Here's a secret. The true path to mastery is regular practice with guidance from an expert. This is why we offer remote coaching. No matter where you're located or how busy you are, it's still possible to work with a world-class coach. Patrick works with athletes in every part of the US and internationally. We use Zoom, a smartphone, and wireless earbuds to provide real-time coaching anywhere.


Few coaches can do this well, but working with thousands of athletes has helped Patrick develop an eye to see exactly what's happening with an athlete. We do remote sessions at bike parks, parking lots, pump tracks, dirt jumps, front lawns, trails, and even at home. 


Group Clinics:

Full-day group clinics are an incredible way to boost your progress. We spend the morning working on skills and the afternoon on the trails learning to apply them. We limit our group sizes to ensure everyone gets plenty of individual attention and makes the progress they seek.

Full-day group clinics are $350 per person and it's the best money you will ever spend on yourself. 

Already have your own group and want a private clinic? Awesome! We love teaching groups of friends to ride better together. We’ll meet at your favorite spot, learn skills and drills, eat lunch then apply the skills to the local terrain. It’s always a big, fun, and impactful day. This will change your riding life. Maybe your life, too. Seriously.

• Tell us where you are and your ideal scenario. Email us here.
• We'll work together to pick a location and date(s).

• Price is dependent on location and group size.
• Share the adventure with as many riders as you want. Eight or less is the ideal number for one coach.

• If you have a bigger group, we can bring additional coaches.

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