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Bike Skills Training


The LLB Teaching Method:

  • Is simple. Rather than spend time teaching you nifty little tricks (ie hopping your rear wheel), we focus on a handful of essential dynamics. These core skills will help ride with more confidence and speed in any situation.

  • Is systematic. Imagine a “skills tree” that contains every conceivable riding skill. We start with the trunk of the tree and work our way up the branches. Rolling down a ledge is low in the tree; jumping into a berm is high in the tree. Whatever you want to do on your bike, we’ll get you there: one safe step at a time.

  • Is scalable. Once you learn the core movement patterns, higher level riding is simply a matter of combining simple movements. Experts ride exactly the same way as beginners — with more power and speed.

  • Is proven. Lee has personally taught thousands of riders of all levels and styles, including more than 1,000 National Interscholastic Cycling Association coaches who teach more than 5,000 high school MTB racers. Lee’s skills and training books have reached more than 100,000 riders worldwide. Top XC, DH, Enduro, BMX and XTERRA racers are faster thanks to Lee.

  • Is time efficient. You don’t need days to learn MTB kung fu. We’ll teach you what you need to learn in hours. As some clients have said, “Lee taught me more in three hours than COACH X taught me in three days.” Spend focused learning time with us, then go out and ride (or spend time with your kids)!

  • Is constantly being improved. On the bike, fun happens at the intersection of challenge and skill. We are always seeking that sweet spot in our riding, and we are continually working to become better teachers.

  • Is for you. Whether you’re a first timer, seasoned expert or a professional racer, we’ll help you ride with more confidence and speed.


Ride better. Live better!

When working with Patrick, expect to rock these skills, plus whatever you want to learn (and are ready for):

  • Attack Position

  • Braking

  • Cornering

  • Riding up Steep Things

  • Riding Down Steep Things

  • Pumping Terrain

  • Reading Trail Features

  • Choosing Better Lines

  • Riding Drops

  • Hopping Obstacles

  • Jumping

  • Shredding and having more fun!

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